Care of your Cutana Hat
Leather is natural and reacts to the elements, if leather is left in the sun or in a hot car for long periods of time shrinkage may occur. To remedy this, use saddle dressing on the inside of the hat, let stand for a few days then gently hand stretch back to size.

The sweatband is designed for long life. To achieve this use a damp cotton cloth and dampen the sweatband to remove sweat and soil. Use this method on a weekly basis depending on the amount you sweat and the heat of the day.

To Restore Natural Suede Look
Use sandpaper to remove shiny look.
Borax will remove most other stains.
Water marks by brushing the hat when dry
Sweat marks are hard to remove but Talcum powder sometimes works.
A very good solution is to use fabric protector, which also waterproofs (a vailable in most supermarkets) however, after applying the suede may slightly darken.

These hats are made from water-resistant leather and therefore can withstand greater amount of climatic conditions (rain & sun). However, the hat should be hand treated on the outside with similar products you would treat saddles with example DUBBIN or a silicon based cleaning and polishing compound.
Recommended Cleaning Instructions for
Barramundi Koola
Choose a tub or laundry trough that will allow the hat to be completely covered by water.
Remove the chinstrap
Fill the tub/trough with enough tepid/lukewarm water to cover the hat
Depending on the amount of soilage - use up to  1 tablespoon of soap powder.
Place the hat in the tub/trough.
If the hat floats, turn upside down and use a small weight to keep it submerged
Leave for the day (6-8 hours)


Remove the hat and completely rinse under the tap or hose.
Replace chinstrap
Hang to dry in a shaded area using the chinstrap for a peg.
(Using pegs on the brim will leave indentations and marks)




Jack Cunningham
Managing Director